I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need an inspiration for a good workout. Sometimes inspirations come in the form of a great song on your playlist to a person working like a beast at the gym. I particularly get inspired by by a woman that, if I had to guess, is about 100 lbs. overweight. Her dedication and determination is unrivaled. I have the unique perspective of being both unhealthy and overweight (by 130 lbs) to now at goal weight and healthy. I know how it feels to walk into a gym when you’re morbidly obese. The struggle to ignore the bad thoughts that flood your mind is real. Thinking that everyone is staring at you and passing judgement. And then to walk in that gym over and over again because you have a vision quest, that’s inspiring! I get super stoked when I see my inspiration lady at the gym, because I know first hand how much mental strength it takes to even walk through the door let alone work out as hard as she does for an hour. I hope one day soon I will have the nerve to tell her that I’ve been using her amazing energy and determination to inspire a great workout for myself. Here’s to hoping you find what inspires you. Keep on keeping on and continue snubbing cake 😀

Ebb and Flow

A decline and increase, constant fluctuations. 

The American Heritage® Dictionary of Idioms by Christine Ammer. Copyright © 2003, 1997 by The Christine Ammer 1992 Trust. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.

I ebb and flow every day. I allow myself to do that, because If I didn’t I would’ve given up on my health journey a long time ago. 

Ebb and flow will be daily, monthly, yearly. We all form patterns in our lives. Take a hard look at your day, month, year. Notice the things that reoccur. Is it good for you or is it bad for you? Only you have the ability to make those necessary changes, to kick out the bad and replace it with good. The only thing stopping you is you. You have to be conscious of these behaviors. Take time to sit still in a quiet place and reflect. It’s pretty hard at first if you’re not used to this type of exercise, but once you get going it’ll be hard to stop.

Be kind to yourself! This is hard for me, maybe because I was raised Catholic. I initially feel shame if I mess up. I have to remind myself that there is NO shame in my game. This is my ebb and flow and it’s OK. 

Remember to keep your internal dialogue positive (this is sooooo important) because how you talk to yourself WILL manifest into your life. No one is a 100%, so surround yourself with positive people and leave the negative Nelly’s behind.

My workout playlist consists of positive and uplifting songs as well. Here are a couple for you to add to your playlist if you like them.  I workout super hard when these songs comes on 🙂.

I hope everyone is starting out 2017 on a positive and healthy journey.  Embrace your ebb and flow! 

Just in case the link doesn’t work go check out these 2 favorite workout songs of mine. “That’s My Girl” by Fifth Harmony and “Invincible” by Skillet. 

Player #3

I’m truly blessed to know some amazing people that have overcome major obstacle’s in their life. Player #3 is no exception. Meet Mike Shae 

Just your average good looking High school student/jock? Nope, not this guy. We all know by now not to judge a book by it’s cover, no matter how perfect the cover may appear.

In 2001 when Mike was only 4 years old he was diagnosed with Leukemia. Mike and his family were learning to deal with their new reality, which included chemotherapy once a month. Mike also had to deal with losing his hair. Happily, Mike was cleared of cancer at 8 years old. 

Due to all of his cancer treatments he missed a lot of school which inevitably held him back a couple of years. This had a depressing effect on him. He sat in his room a lot, didn’t socialize and ate poorly.

Even at that young age he knew there had to be more. He was interested in football, but the doctors had told him he’d never play sports due to the cancer and chemotherapy taking their toll on his bones. He set out to prove them wrong! He even surprised himself and made the football team in Jr. High, but he didn’t stop there, he also made track. As he soon realized, he was bigger and faster than his current classmates. He found a blessing in being held back 2 years. That’s just the kind of attitude that propelled him to total wellness. In 9th grade he fell in love with lifting weights. It’s been his way of life for years now and it shows.

Im so proud to know this wonderful young man. He works at my gym, and I see him nearly every day. He’s quick with a, “hey ma!” When I walk through the door. He always has an uplifting kind word for everyone. He’s always ready with a smile or a sarcastic remark to make you laugh. This once shy, unsocial, chubby boy is certainly loved by everyone. That’s why I’m making him Player #3. This now healthy, happy, encouraging, life and people loving guy decided to play at life instead of watch it pass him by.

Sabotager, friend or foe?

Let them fuel you not fool you. it’s all about perception! Have you ever tried to change someone or convince them to change their mind? That’s a much harder task than people think. If you don’t think so, go talk a Democrat into becoming a Republican or vise versa, ugh! A much better accomplishment is controlling how you react or respond in challenging situations. 

I’ve talked about internal dialogue in previous posts.  It will likely come up from time to time because of its importance on how we view, feel and especially how we react to things. With that being said, consider this perspective with me if you will.  Rather than trying to change the people in our world, lets change our world and how we perceive things. Brace yourself, you may have to fake it till you make it at first, but that’s ok it’s still easier than trying to change others. 

What’s your response  when someone offers a sweet treat?  My response was, oh no! Ok maybe just one. Then one quickly turns into 7. Now I’m upset with myself for being weak and suspicious of my sabotaging friend. It doesn’t stop there either, because for the rest of the day, with my internal dialogue, I will beat myself up over it. Dear friends, that’s just exhausting! instead, try telling yourself that it’s gross or you don’t like that (internally) then decline the offer using whatever excuse you’d like. I’ve heard a friend tell someone that she was allergic  (I knew she wasnt) 😉 I wouldn’t be surprised if today she IS actually allergic because she was so commited. Your brain and body can do some amazing things. In the 2 years since I’ve been practicing this exercise I’ve never had anyone hold me down and shove food down my throat ;).  No guilt, no hours of regret, nothing but positive feedback from my internal dialogue. Let this feeling fuel you! It is a little hard the first time, but gets much easier each time you do it. You will remember the reward and how great you felt and you’ll look forward to doing it again. 

Let that sabotager fuel you and you will be a cake snubbing junkie, just like me and my daughter Samantha, who just got married 3 weeks ago ;). ♡

I have arrived?

When people say, “they have arrived”, to me, they are saying that they’ve attained a hard fought life goal. Now what, rest on your laurels maybe take a break?  I was shopping yesterday and bought my first size 4 pair of jeans. If you know me, then you know I’m all about a healthy lifestyle more than a small pants size, however, they do go hand in hand when you eat clean/organic food. With that being said, I should feel like I’ve arrived, that I reached my goal, and achieved my dream of good health. I do not! I feel, since it’s called a lifestyle, that it’s for a lifetime. There is no end, there is no arriving and it is not temporary. If you are considering a “lifestyle” change, ask yourself, do I matter? Am I worth it? To those of you who can answer yes to those questions, then believe me when I tell you, you have already arrived!  Reaching a number on the scale or fitting into a size 4 pair of jeans frankly,  doesn’t mean a damn thing. Reaching into the deepest part of yourself, loving yourself, and making your health a priority, THAT IS WHEN YOU’VE ARRIVED! So get excited about the new healthy you, which you are about to unfold. There really is POWER IN SNUBBING CAKE. 


2016-08-27 07.51.54Constantly sucking in your stomach, standing behind people in pictures, feeling insecure, and always aware that today’s society calls you fat. It’s all consuming and exhausting!

I am far from having it all together, but i’m finally getting comfortable in my own skin. To be honest, it’s very strange. Since losing 125 lbs. and becoming fit and healthy, I’m not burdened with a morbidly obese body anymore and all the sickness and negativity associated with it.

I implore you to give yourself the gift of health. Words cannot describe how amazing it feels to be happy with my body, instead of having sickness, pain, and insecurity.

Today was the first day I ran since having my skin removal surgery almost 6 weeks ago. It was like an out of body experience! Running without all that physical and mental baggage made me cry. Yes, I cried on the treadmill.  No, I don’t care.  It’s all a part of appreciating the new and improved me. FINALLY!



When I think back just 3 years ago I am amazed at how much has changed. Thank God nothing stays the same!

Take a moment right now and think of where you were 3 years ago. What was your state of mind?  Were you physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually better off back then? If so, do something to change direction and get back to a good place. It may take time, but you can choose to love yourself and get there in time. If you were physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually worse off back then, help someone who wants to be where you are now. That. Is. All!



It’s time to introduce you to “Player” #2. This amazing lady loves life even though life, at times, hasn’t played so nice. Meet beautiful Stacy McCabe.

Stacy and I went to high school together and thanks to social media, we are still friends today. Back in May she explained her frustrations at her attempts with dieting and gaining weight instead of losing it. 

In 2010 Stacy was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s of the sternum. She spent 6 months on chemotherepy and radiation. She not only lost 30 lbs, but also lost her hair.  Thankfully, she is currently in remission. She was clearly on a path to getting herself together. In 2013 she decided to quit smoking. She is still smoke free today (yay!). In 2014 Just when things were looking up, she was diagnosed with diastolic heart failure and placed on several medications. Stacy may have gotten discouraged  at times (who could blame her), but what makes her a “Player” at life is that she never gave up and threw in the towel.  She now realizes that focusing on her weight is NOT giving her the results that she is looking for. She is taking the bull by the horns. She focuses on her health now, learning to eat clean, logging her food, and paying close attention to her macro’s. So now instead if gaining weight she’s been losing weight. She has more energy, sleeps better, has less pain and inflammation.  Most importantly,  she has lowered her cholesterol and may soon be off certain medications. 

Stay positive Stacy. There’s going to be set backs as you know, but keep your internal dialogue in check. You are doing such a great job and are an inspiration to everyone that knows you! You are truely an amazing woman and I for one am proud to call you friend. ♡♡♡

Learning Macros

​I really like how this explains macros and their importance. Please check it out. I hope you are able to click on the link and it takes you to her site. I’m not tech savy soooo you may have to paste it to your Web browser 🙂

Talk Macros to Me: What They Are and How to Count Them


I gained 2 lbs in the last 2 weeks. I know exactly how I did it too. I said I wanted to lose 5 lbs. Those words and that type of thinking screw me up EVERY TIME! One might expect to learn this lesson about oneself within a 40 year period of time, but not me! Without fail, if I alter my thinking to one of weight loss instead of healthy eating, it all goes to hell in a hand basket. 

 I know this is truer than true, but now I know that it’s something that I must continually practice until it becomes automatic. I also learned that it may take years. Life is a journey and tomorrow I’m starting a new chapter in my life.  I’m having surgery to remove the skin from 125 lb. Weight loss. I’ve been wanting this for so long. I know that it will probably take a while for my mind to catch up to what I’m seeing in the mirror, but the thought of running without all that baggage from my previous lifestyle is so exciting.

While I’m recovering, I will be putting together my next “Player”. I can’t wait until you meet her. Love to all my cake snubbers ♡♡♡